dotCMS 4

Introducing dotCMS 4.0 new user interface written in Angular 2 and based on Google Material design.

Uncomplicate your
Content Management System

Your needs are complicated. Your CMS shouldn’t be. Some projects may require different publishing options - like static or dynamic - while other projects will excell in an headless environment. With dotCMS, you can manage as many, or as few, publishing models as you need.

Endless Possibilities

With dotCMS, we give you the freedom to create exactly what you need - whether it’s the speed and security you get with a static site, the flexibility and personalization of dynamic, or the ability to future-proof your content with a headless CMS solution, dotCMS gives you the power to build what you need, when you need it.

Want to learn more?

Get a crash course in dotCMS at our weekly webinar. Pick the day and time that works best for you and get your inside look at what dotCMS can do.


Besides improved performance and speed, we built dotCMS 4.0 using Angular 2 to create a single page app layout that keeps menus consistent on all sections of the platform, making the platform more intuitive and easier to use. dotCMS 4.0 is just the first of our dotCMS 4.x series, where we will continue moving and reimagining the UI / UX in Angular 2 piece by piece.