dotCMS 4

Introducing dotCMS 4.0 new user interface written in Angular 2 and based on Google Material design.

dotCMS 4.0

Using Angular 2 to build out a single page app layout and looking to Google Material Design for inspiration, dotCMS 4.0 offers a completely new UI / UX. The faster, more intuitive interface means your team can be more efficient and productive.

Fresh New Look

A single page app layout and constant side menu means it’s easy to move from one task to another within the new dotCMS 4.0. Add that to new smartphone-like notifications and quick links to the most recent content and widgets, and content editors will find the new UI / UX makes it easier for them to get their work done.


One PAge App Design

Onepage App

A cleaner layout with consistent

menus, with top bar notifications

and quick links.

Mobile Preview

Mobile Preview

Fully manageable and

customizable device preview

for your content.

Inline Code Editor

Text Editor

We’ve reduced the clicks to

take you straight to the

content editor, saving you time.

Google Material Design CMS

Material Design

Inspired design that carries

throughout the platform for

a more intuitive experience.


Besides improved performance and speed, we built dotCMS 4.0 using Angular 2 to create a single page app layout that keeps menus consistent on all sections of the platform, making the platform more intuitive and easier to use. dotCMS 4.0 is just the first of our dotCMS 4.x series, where we will continue moving and reimagining the UI / UX in Angular 2 piece by piece.