Installing a Theme documentation for the dotCMS Content Management System

To install one of the Themes from the dotCMS web site to your dotCMS instance, perform the following steps.

1. Download a Theme

Download one of the themes from the dotCMS theme library to your computer.

2. Unzip the Files

The Themes are zip files that contain the folders, css, images and velocity files needed to create a Theme in dotCMS. Unzip the files onto your computer so you can access the individual files and folders within the theme.

3. Upload the Files to dotCMS

Upload the files and folders in the theme to your site. You can do this either by logging into the dotCMS backend to create and upload files, or by using WebDAV to connect to dotCMS and upload the files. You must create a new folder with the name of your theme in the /application/themes folder, and upload all the unpacked theme files into that new folder.

Uploading Files via WebDAV

The theme files should now be visible from the Site Browser tab in the dotCMS backend:

4. Publish the Theme

Once a Theme is successfully uploaded to dotCMS, it will be available to be selected in the Template Designer, even if the Theme has not been published. However the Theme must be published before any page that uses the theme will display properly in the dotCMS front-end.

To publish the theme, right-click on the theme folder in the Site Browser and select Publish (all) from the popup menu.