Searching for a Container documentation for the dotCMS Content Management System

The Containers detail area (Site Browser -> Containers), allows users to view, edit, search for, and create Containers.  Under the Containers tab, clicking on "View Working Containers" will display all the saved/published Containers on the host in a paginated list (see figure below).  Clicking on "Add/Edit Container" will allow you to add a new Container to the site you are working on.  The Containers sub-tab also allows users to filter searching for Containers by Host, Content Type and keyword.

Search For a Container

The Containers search results displays four columns:

  • Status - displays "Live" for published containers and is empty for containers that are saved or in working status.
  • Title - displays the *title of the Container.
  • Host - displays the host where the container lives.
  • Mod. Date - displays the date and time of the last modification of the container.



Right-click options on a Container

In the search results area a left click on a title will open the container properties window, while a right-click on a title will produce a menu list that allows users to:

  • Edit - Edit the name, content type, code fields, and other container properties
  • Copy - create a duplicate of the container that differs only by it's unique identity
  • *Publish/Unpublish/Archive - activate, deactivate, and delete settings on the container.  Caution: Containers are re-usable by multiple templates which can be used by many HTML pages.  Before unpublishing a container, make sure that no live HTML pages are currently parsing the container you wish to unpublish.

*Some menu options are dynamic, based upon the current container status.

For more detailed information, please see the documentation section on Containers.