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Roles and CMS Tabs

Each user that logs into the dotCMS back-end sees only the tabs they have access to based on their Role permissions.  A typical content publisher, for instance. will only see the Home, Site Browser, and Content tabs, while a site administrator will have access to many more tabs.  Permissions to view backend tabs is determined by a user's assigned Roles.

Setting up Backend Pages/Tabs for Specific User Roles

Use the following steps to set which tabs are accessible by a Role:

  1. From the System tab click on Roles & Tabs
  2. Click on the Role that you wish to configure in the left hand column.
  3. Select the CMS Tabs tab at the top of the detail area at the center of the page (as show below).

Note: The tabs displayed in the list below are the pre-configured tabs used the most frequently.  However, additional Custom Tabs can be configured as well.

    • Home - Workflow Tasks, Dashboard
    • CMS Admin - Included only for backward compatibility. For new dotCMS configurations use the System tab (below) instead.
    • Site Editor - Site Browser (more limited perspective)
    • Site Browser - Site Browser, Links, Templates, Containers, Vanity URLs, Time Machine, Publishing Queue
    • Content  - Content Search, Link Checker
    • Calendar  - Calendar
    • Forms & Polls  - Forms, Polls, Reports
    • Content Types - Content Types, Categories, Tag Manager, Workflow Schemes
    • System  -  Users, Roles & Tabs, Sites, Maintenance, Configuration, Languages, Query Tool, ES Search, Site Search, Dynamic Plugins
  1. In the detail area, check the box for each backend tab you wish users of that Role type to have access to (see the image above):
  2. After you have checked the box for the tabs you wish the Role to have access to, click Save.
  3. To test that your backend tabs have been set up properly:
    1. Open the "User" tab and assign a user to the role*.
    2. Log into dotCMS as that user to test their access to backend tabs.  (Note that you may use the Login As feature to test the user permissions).
    For more information, please see the Assigning Users to a Role documentation .