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Report Permissions

Edit Report

To view Reports, mouse over the “Reporting” tab and select “Reports” from the drop down menu. Then click the title of the Report to edit the Report. Click the permissions tab to examine the current permissions on the Report. Click on “+Add Role” or “+Add User” to extend permissions over the Report.

Report Permissions are not inherited.

Campaign Communications

For each role/user click the appropriate access level:

  • View- allows the user to view the object but not change or publish the object
  • Add/Edit Objects Under Here - (if applicable) allows the user to add “child” objects to this object
  • Edit- allows the user to view and change the object but not publish the changes. The user must “Save/Assign” changes to and authorized publisher
  • Publish- allows the user to publish changes to the live website
  • Edit Permissions- (if applicable) allows the user to edit permissions on the object
  • Vanity URL- Allows the user to create Vanity URL's on the object