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Object Permissions

After adding a dotCMS object (Folders, Files, Categories, Content, etc), the inherited permissions for that object can be previewed or changed by re-opening that object and clicking on the Permissions tab.

Permissions Tab on Objects

The Permissions Tab allows previewing the permissions inherited from the "System Host" or "parent" object.  

  • System Host inheritance is set by selecting System -> Roles & Tabs, selecting roles, and setting role permissions for "All Sites"
  • Individual Permissions are set by editing an object, clicking the permissions tab, and clicking the "Permission Individually" button.  This breaks the hierarchy of inheritance and allows permissioning at the object level.

System Host Inheritance

The permissions on the host object in the image below were not set on the host object itself but are being inherited based upon the Permissions set at the role level*. This host object and all of it's children will continue to inherit system level permissions until the hierarchical chain is broken by setting individual object permissions on an object in the hierarchical tree.

System Host Inheritance

For more information on "System Host" or role inheritance, see the Role Permissons documentation.

Setting Individual Object Permissions

In the image of the host (see below), the "Permission Individually" button has been clicked and the host has been permissioned at the object level.  Clicking on the "Permission Individually" button STOPS permission inheritance.   However, the inheritance property checkboxes for each Role or User permission added to this Host can now be set on this object.  The "children" of this object will then be set to inherit permissions (set the Folders will inherit, Containers will inherit, Templates will inherit, Pages will inherit,... etc.) from this host object.  Inheritance can only be re-established by clicking on the "Reset Permissions" button.

Folder Individual Permissions

Role Permissions can be added to secure the appropriate user access to any dotCMS object.  Detailed instructions on applying role permissions to dotCMS objects are covered in the Role Permissions documentation section.