Marketing Information documentation for the dotCMS Content Management System

The Marketing Information tab allows for the recording/tracking of a users frontend visitaton history and for the labeling of user's to assign them to specific user “groups” that can be targeted by marketing campaigns.  A user's time zone can also be recorded from this user tab.  None of the following properties are required, but they can be powerful tools in building a very customized user experience on the front-end of the site or targeting users with communications based on a specific user group they belong to.

User Marketing Tab

  • Click Tracking - if a user is logged in on the front-end of the website, a historical record is kept of each page visited by the user

  • User Tags & Categories - allow an administrator to label groups of users for easier searching, dynamic pulling of users, and the management of mailing lists, etc. Categories are used to define groups when choices are standard and not likely to change very much. The example below illustrates users are being “categorized” by the type of organization they belong to. Since there is a limited number of organization types being tracked, “Association, Corporation, Education, Non-profit” then the select list for the category is manageable and appropriate to group and label users by the type of organization they belong to.
    The use of Tags would give an administrator more flexibility when labeling a user, with the ability to simply type a label instead of choosing from a fixed select list of labels.  However since a tag field does not supply the user with a fixed set of choices as with categories, it is easier to mis-label users with an incorrect or mispelled tag.

  • User Locale - allows users to be associated with a specific time zone in which they reside.  This association can potentially be used to allow users logged-in to the front-end of the site see date specific to, or formatted to, a the time zone in which a user resides.