Get Details Page Link for a Given Contentlet documentation for the dotCMS Content Management System

** This macro has been deprecated **

The link title can also be specified, otherwise the macro will attemtp to find a contentlet field with the name 'title' and use this as the default link title. If the 'Detail Page' Content Type field has not been set, the link will be composed of the current page url plus the parameter. Note that the name of the request parameter used for passing the selected inode to the details page, is determined by the properties key "INODE_PARAMETER_NAME". In case this key is missing, the parameter name defaults to "inode"

Macro Overview:




  • content
    This is the content to get the detail page for

Optional Parameters:

  • $linkTitle = 'My Title' (default Title of passed in Content) Use to override the title. The title is used to display the link


Use this macro to get the detail page for a piece of content

Example 1: A simple example using the required fields

#set($linkTitle = 'My Title') #detailPageLink($content)