Standard Field Types documentation for the dotCMS Content Management System

All of the field types for Content contribution on a dotCMS instance are pictured in the images below from a content contributor's perspective. Types of Content are defined by Webmasters with customized field types to allow content contributors to create content on a dotCMS managed site. The standard field types may include: tab divider, text, checkbox, radio, *single select, multiple select, binary, image, file, WYSIWYG, text area, category, tag, custom code, date, date/time, time, host/folder, line divider, related content, and permissions fields.

Image 1: Standard Field Types (Before Tab Divider)

Image 2: Standard Field Types (Tab Divider)

Hidden Fields and Constant Fields are not meant to be shown to the content publisher. These fields store values directly determined by the webmaster within the field definition itself for use within Forms and/or when constant values are needed in Content.  The content publisher does not directly input the values of hidden or constant fields.

When adding a simple “Select” list field, the first item in the list will become the default choice in the select list when the content contributor is adding content. To force the content contributor to make a conscious choice of an item in the select list do both of the following:

  • Add only a pipe (|) as the first choice in the select list (no label, no value)
  • Make the field required, so that the default first “null” choice is not valid, forcing the content contributor to click and choose an item from the select list

Multi-select fields do NOT need any special handling. Multi-select fields always force the contributor to choose a value, otherwise the field is left blank.