Files (Multilingual) documentation for the dotCMS Content Management System

Files created by using a File Content Type, can be created in any language, just as with regular content. However, since the filename may or may not stay the same, the file pathing to the non-default language version includes the suffix of a language parameter to help trigger the display of the correct version of the file, as shown in the examples below:

Primary Language Version

Each time you create a version of content in a new language, you'll be prompted to choose if you want to populate the content from the existing default language content in another language. To preserve the placement of links, images, files and other references in the file, choose Yes. You can still choose to replace the file in the secondary language version, once created.

Secondary Language Version

Here are the resulting file paths for the default and secondary language versions of the file:

Default Language Resource Link:


Secondary Language Resource Link:


As many language versions for files/content can be created for as many language versions have been added to the Types & Tags -> Languages tool.

For information on bulk uploading multi-lingual files via webdav protocol, please see the WebDAV Folder Connection Types & Multilingual File Support documentation.