Dynamic Content Path documentation for the dotCMS Content Management System

In addition to the manually created content which you build for your website, dotCMS automatically creates and manages several types of data called dynamic content which is used for management and diagnostics of your dotCMS system. This data is necessary for proper operation of your dotCMS system, and must be maintained between restarts of your server. Dynamic content includes the following:

Dynamic Content Location

Default Location

By default, dynamic content is stored in the dotsecure folder in the root of the dotCMS installation (e.g. /dotserver/tomcat-X.x.xx/webapps/ROOT/dotsecure in the standard dotCMS distribution).

Changing the Location of Dynamic Content

However you may change the location where dynamic content is stored. The DYNAMIC_CONTENT_PATH property specifies the location of the dynamic content for your dotCMS distribution; to store your dynamic content in a different location, uncomment and set the value of this property in the dotmarketing-config.properties file.

Note: It is strongly recommended that all changes to the dotmarketing-config.properties file be made through a properties file extension.

Storing Dynamic Content Outside the dotCMS Distribution

Note that you may store dynamic content in any location, including locations outside the main dotCMS distribution. In fact, in some cases (for example when installing dotCMS as a WAR) it may be highly recommended to store the dynamic content outside the dotCMS distribution folder.

However it is important that the dotCMS application (e.g. the user account which is used to run dotCMS) has full permissions to the specified folder and all subfolders within it. Insufficient permissions on the dynamic content folder will prevent proper operation of dotCMS, and may cause log errors, run-time errors, or application crashes.