CMS Owner documentation for the dotCMS Content Management System

CMS Owner

The “CMS Owner” system role allows you to assign permissions to the original creator of the object, regardless of what other roles that user has assigned. CMS Owner permissions can be placed on any dotCMS object, and can be used in combination with other roles to allow many users to create new content, but restrict publishing/editing rights to the original creator.

CMS Owner on a Content Type Use Case

If an organization has many different “News Publishers” but a Webmaster wants to limit the published modifications to the content to the original creator of the news item. This would be a perfect use case for implementing the CMS Owner system role if the desired outcome is similar to the following:

  • All users with “News Publisher” role can search for view, and edit ALL news content (but not publish unless owner)
  • ONLY the original creator of the news content can publish a news item
  • Only users with the “News Publisher” role can view news items on the backend

The following Role Permission settings on the news content type (see image below), would enforce the desired rules.

CMS Owner Use Case

With these settings on the content type all News Publishers would be able to:

  • Create and Publish new news items
  • View and assist in editing any news content, but would have to “Save/Assign” modifications back to original owner for publishing
  • News Publishers can always open, modify, and publish their own news item content.

The “Edit” permission for the News Publisher role could be removed (unchecked), which would then restrict any changes made to news items only to the original creator of each news item.

CMS Owner on ALL dotCMS Objects

Although CMS Owner is more commonly used to restrict access to dotCMS content types or widgets, it can also be applied to any dotCMS object if role permissions are implemented as in the use case above.