Adding Your First Container documentation for the dotCMS Content Management System

To add your first container to the system, click Containers from the drop down menu under the Site Browser Tab.

From the Containers Manager, click the “+Add Container” button.

Set the Max. Contents field to a number greater than zero.  This will determine how many contentlets can be manually added to the container.  Next choose one or more Content Types that are allowed to be added using this Container on a page.

Click the “+Add Variable” button to add variables for each of the two Content Types.  Not all fields from a Content Type need to be displayed on a container - only the desired fields need to be displayed using a container on a page.

The example below shows adding fields from the Custom Content Type referenced in the Building Your First Content Type documentation

Click the “Add” button next to each field name that you would like to display on the Page when a Content Publisher adds content of this type.

Wrap the Velocity Variable names for each field in HTML/CSS or even Javascript or Velocity code.  Containers will respect all scripting and formatting of these types when displaying content on a page.  Now you are ready to Make your First Template in dotCMS.