Adding Files documentation for the dotCMS Content Management System

Files can be added directly from the “Sites and Folders” tree under the Site Browser tab, or uploaded in bulk using a WebDAV connection. The Site Browser is recommended when uploading a small number of files. For bulk or continuous file uploads, a WebDAV connection is recommended.

Uploading files though the Site Browser

Use the following steps to upload a file to dotCMS from the “Sites and Folders” tree.

  1. Right-click the desired directory for the file and select “New” from the drop down menu

  2. Select “Image or File” to upload a single file, or “Multiple Files” to upload multiple files. Note: You can upload a maximum of 19 files at a time using the “Multiple Files” option in the Site Browser.

  3. Select which type of File Type you'd like to use, and then click the “Choose File” button to search your local computer for the file you wish to upload.

  4. After selecting the file, add the desired title for the file and the description of the file (optional). The folder property will display the folder location you are uploading to. When uploading mutliple files through the website browser, each file will have to be edited to add these optional properties after upload.

  5. The “Metadata” tab displays optional Show on Menu, Sort Order and Description fields. The Show on Menu attribute will be recognized by dotCMS pages utilizing the navigation menu macro to display the title to the file in navigation menus and create a link from the menu item to the file. This will have to be done manually on each file if the “Multiple files” option is chosen from the Website Browser.

  6. Choose “save” to save an unpublished or draft copy of the file that will not be immediately visible (despite existing page references to it), or choose “save and publish” to publish the file so that it will be immediately visible on any page or navigation menu referencing the file.