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Custom Tabs

As each user logs onto the backend of a particular dotCMS instance, they may potentially all see different backend tabs.  Each backend user role can be configured to see only the exact tooling and functionality that user needs.  Although each backend user experience can be customized there are already a variety of common Roles & Tabs that have been pre-configured and are ready to be assigned to a user or role.

Additionaly functionality and dotCMS tools can be configured to appear under a Custom Tab.  Use the following steps to set up a custom user tab

  1. Select System -> Roles & Tabs.
  2. Select a Role that will receive access to the new custom role.
  3. In the role detail area, click the tab labeled CMS Tabs.
  4. Click the +Create Custom Tab. button
    Configure Custom Tab
  5. Name the new tab, provide a Description (which becomes a subtitle for the tab), place a number in the Order field to set the position of the tab (left to right) relative to the other tabs, select a tool from the drop down box and click +Add (repeat for as many tools as you would like to configure to the tab), then click on the Save button to save the new Custom Tab.

    dotCMS Tools Include:

    • CMS Maintenance
    • Calendar
    • Campaigns
    • Categories
    • Category Groups (deprecated)
    • Communications
    • Company
    • Containers
    • Content Ratings
    • Content Search
    • Discount Code
    • Files
    • Forms
    • HTML Pages
    • Hosts
    • Job Scheduler
    • Language Variables
    • License Manager
    • Links
    • Mailing Lists
    • Orders
    • Polls
    • Products
    • Query Test Tool
    • Reports
    • Roles, Tabs, & Tools
    • Site Search
    • Content Types
    • Templates
    • Users
  6. Finally, click the checkbox next to the new Custom Tab to enable it for the Role that you are editing.
    Assign Custom Tab
  7. Test the Custom Tab by logging in as a user who is assigned to the role.
    Test Custom Tab

Many tools can be added to appear under the same tab. The System tab, for instance, has several different dotCMS tools added to it by default. When multiple tools are added to a tab, they become drop down list options for backend users who hover over that tab with their mouse.