Content Language Configuration documentation for the dotCMS Content Management System

DotCMS content can be created in many languages.  In an ideal case scenario, all language versions should exist and be published at the same time - possibly via an enforced workflow scheme.  In some instances, however, a particular language version of a contentlet may be missing, even though the default language version has already been published.  For instance, lets say the site you are managing uses dotCMS to support 3 languages - English, Spanish, and French.  However, what if only English and Spanish versions of a piece of content have been created and published?  What happens when the front end user on a page displaying that content, switches the language to French, since the French language version of the content has NOT been created yet?

There are two different ways to handle this case:

1) the default behavior is simply NOT to display the content - but this could potentially lead to blank pages or blank portions of a page


2) have the content "fall-thru" and display the default language version of the content.

The content language configuration "fall-thru" option in the file is set to false by default.


The property must be set to true if the "fall thru" behavior is desired. Changing the value of a configuration property should be accomplished thru a configuration plugin.  For more information, please see the documentation on how to Change dotCMS Configuration Properties.

*Pages can also be set to "fall thru" to the default language as well.  For more information see the Page Language Configuration property documentation.