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Assigning Users to a Role

In the System -> Roles & Tabs screen users can be assigned to a Role using the following steps:


  1. Click on the name of a role you with to add users to in the left hand column listing of Roles.  If you have difficulty finding the role you with to add users to, simply type the name of the role in the Filter keyword search at the top of the column.  Since roles are inheritable, some "child" or "grandchild" roles may not be visible if the parent role is collapsed.  Parent roles that are collapsed appear with a "+" to their left to show that there are children that can be viewed by expanding that role by clicking on the "+" next to the parent role.
  2. Once you have selected a role in the left hand column, make sure that you are also clicked on the "Users" tab in the detail area.  Select a user from the "Grant User" select box on the right side of the detail area.  After selecting a user, click the "+Grant" button.


Assigning Users to a Role

The user should now be listed in the detail area of the page.  If there are many users already assigned to the role, search for the newly added user with the Filter: keyword search box appearing above the llst of users.  Once the user appears in the detail area for that role, the role permissions of that user are immediately applied and ready to test.

To remove a user from a role, simple click the checkbox next to the username, and the "remove" button at the bottom of the detail area.

For more information on configuring Role permissions see the Role Permissions and Roles and CMS Tabs documentation.