Adding Your First Page documentation for the dotCMS Content Management System

To add a new dotCMS Page from the Site Browser, right-click on any folder, then click New and selectPage.

Give your Page a Title, choose a Host or Folder that the Page will reside in, set the Page cache refresh rate in seconds (Cache TTL), and then choose your Custom Template from the Template drop down menu. The Page URL field will auto-populate from the Page title field, but you can change the Page URL, if needed. Now click “Save / Publish” to publish your new Page.

Click the “+Add Content” button and choose “Reuse Content” to add your customized content to the page.

To find the right contentlet, use the searchable fields on the Content Type to filter the results, then click the “SELECT” button next to that contentlet, to place it on the Page.

After selecting the contentlet, you will see the fields from the Content that were exposed in the Container. To change the formatting of the Content on the Page, or display additional Content fields, click the “i” to left of the “+Add Content” button to re-edit your Custom Container.