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Adding an Event

Simply click on the "Add Event" button to add a new event to the dotCMS events calendar.  The Event Content Type downloaded with the dotCMS starter site has the pre-populated fields seen in the image below for creating new events.

Recurring Events

If an event is a recurring event, select the "daily", "weekly", or "monthly" radio button next to the Recurs:  field.  Options will appear below for selecting the recurrence schedule as seen in the image below.

Event Locations

The event "Location:" field Event Locations can also be related to events as new events are created. By default, starter site events are related to Building and Facilities content. As long as there is an existing piece of Facilities content (an auditorium, office, lecture room, etc.), and an existing piece of "Building" content that has an address, phone number, website, etc., then the event location field will display the address information from the Building content within the event location field automatically after the Building-Facility is selected from the drop down list of locations (see image below).

Add Event on Calendar