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Adding a Folder

A new folder can be added in the Site Browser screen by right-clicking on a host or folder.  Adding a folder to a host creates a top level parent folder that is visible when the host is selected.  A sub-folder can be created by right-clicking  any folder in the browser.

- Create a top level folder: Right-click on a Host and select "Add Folder"

- Create a sub-level folder: Right-click on a folder, click "New"-->"Folder", to add a sub-folder

Add Subfolder

Choosing either of the two methods to add a new folder opens the "Add/Edit Folder" page as seen below.  The  following fields are presented when adding a new folder:

  • Title - Type a user friendly title for the folder.
  • Name (URL) -  Simply click in the "Name (URL)" field and it will auto-populate with a valid url for the folder (ommitting spaces and non-valid characters).  This recommended URL may can be changed to another valid URL by typing the URL in the field.
  • Sort Order - (legacy) This is the numeric value that will be used by navigation menus to sort the order of objects that have the "Show On Menu" property.  HTML pages not have an AJAX re-ordering mechanism which is the more useful and recommended re-ordering mechanism for navigation menus.
  • Show On Menu - Checking this option allows the folder appear in the dynamic navigation menus that display the current directory.
  • Allowed File Extensions - This field may be used to limit the type of contents that can be uploaded to the folder.  As the hint below the field illustrates, file types may be limited to an extension(s), by typing *.{extension1}, *.{extension2}, etc.  Files that end in any other extension will not be allowed to upload to the folder.  This field is blank by default, which allows files of any type to be uploaded to the folder.
  • Default File Asset Type - This field defines the File Asset default content type used when uploading files to this folder. If using Webdav to upload files, this will be the content type used.