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The XMLTool

The XMLTool can be used to parse an remote xml file and iterate over each object returned in the xml file as needed

Class: com.dotmarketing.viewtools.xmltool.java

Name: $xmltool - (way to refer to the tool in the Velocity context)

Toolbox Configuration Example


Here's a usage example created by Chris Falzone of the dotCMS community - Thanks Chris!

Example of a xml page that can be parsed: http://www.w3schools.com/XML/cd_catalog.xml

To parse the XML file on a dotCMS page, preview the following example which is doing a parse of an xml page and then iterating over 5 objects in the parse at the bottom of this document:
#set($myXML = $xmltool.read("http://www.w3schools.com/XML/cd_catalog.xml"))

#foreach($cd in $myXML.children().iterator())
  #set($cdXML = $xmltool.parse($cd))
      Title: $cdXML.TITLE.text <br />
      Artist:  $cdXML.ARTIST.text <br />
      Country:  $cdXML.COUNTRY.text <br />
      Company:  $cdXML.COMPANY.text <br />
      Price:  $cdXML.PRICE.text <br />
      Year:  $cdXML.YEAR.text

dotCMS page returns the following (code above being run on this page):