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This documentation is a static copy for this version. For current documentation, see: http://dotcms.com/docs/latest

WAR Installation

You can deploy dotCMS as a .WAR on a variety of application servers.

The dotCMS distribution includes a buildwar script in the /bin directory that generates a dotcms.war file and places it in a new WAR directory. The war file generated includes all static plugins in the plugins directory, and can be used with any supported application server.

The war file includes configuration files and static plugins for use with your Application Server, but each application server requires some specific configuration steps. Make sure to read the section on your individual application server for specific configuration instructions.

Follow these steps to properly deploy dotCMS as a .WAR:

  1. Make sure your static plugins are in your /plugins directory.
  2. If running Tomcat application server ONLY:
    • Before building your .WAR file, configure your database in the dotserver/tomcat-X.X.XX/webapps/ROOT/META-INF/context.xml file.
  3. Run the buildwar script from the dotCMS /bin directory.
  4. Make specific configuration changes required for your Application Server:
  5. Move the WAR file to the location required by your Application Server.

dotCMS directory structure with WAR scripts and folder