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When a Java application has errors, it is often useful to be able to perform a thread dump to find out exactly what is happening in the JVM. A thread dump will show you which Java methods and lines are currently being executed giving you a good place to start looking for problems.

You can view and generate a thread dump from the UI without needing shell access.

[Note, please see the recommended method of getting Java thread dumps in case of an outage]

Select the System → Maintenance → Threads tab to view the following information:

  • System Startup Time: Last date/time when the system was started up.
  • Thread Count - Current: Current number of threads
  • Thread Count - Peak: Highest number of threads since startup time.

Click on Reload Sys Info to get the latest updated information.

Reload Threads displays a thread dump below. Clicking on Select all will select the thread dump information to allow easy copy and paste to another application for analysis, etc.


These are some good articles on how to analyze thread dumps: