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This documentation is a static copy for this version. For current documentation, see: http://dotcms.com/docs/latest

Pushing Hosts and Folders

Hosts and Folders can be Push Published and added to a Bundle from the Site Browser.

Right click on a Host or Folder to access the Push Publish and Add To Bundle options.

The Push Publish option only displays when there is at least one Receiving server defined in the Push Publishing configuration.


When Folders are pushed the Bundle will also push:

  • The Host
  • Content located INSIDE the folder (Assets, Page Content, Links)
  • Content types of Content located in the folder
  • Subfolders

Exceptions: Files/objects referenced from WYSIWYG, Widget code, or parsed .vtl file will not be detected. These objects must be included in the push or the links will fail. In the case of Static Endpoints push publishing is comparable to FTP transfers - if the referenced files are not included in the push, the links will fail.

When Sites/Hosts are pushed the Bundle will also push:

  • Host Content Types
  • Parent Folders and subfolders
  • Content
  • Content Types of the pushed Content
  • Html Pages
  • Links

Note: Full Site pushes are especially recommended as a best practice when pushing to a Static Push Publishing Endpoint to avoid missed files/objects that the static HTML page will need to render the site properly.