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This documentation is a static copy for this version. For current documentation, see: http://dotcms.com/docs/latest


login to backend

Once you have the proper login information and website address for your dotCMS installation, type the website URL into your web browser and add "/admin" at the end.  For example, if your website address is http://www.myurl.org, then the backend login URL would look like the example image (see right).

Adding the "/admin" to the end of your website URL brings you to the dotCMS login page (see figure below), and then directly to the default backend-page of dotCMS.

login to backend

However, if you would like to edit a specific page of your site, simply visit that page (Ex: http://new.dotcms.org/staff/index.htm), then add a "/edit" to the end of the main website URL (Ex: http://new.dotcms.org/edit), and this will bring you to edit mode on the last page you visited after the login (see right).  After login, changes can immediately be made to the page you had been browsing on the front end.

Edit Home Page

Depending on how your System Administrator has configured your dotCMS installation, your username will either be an email address or a user id

Access to the dotCMS backend or the edit mode of a page is dependent on backend user permissions.  If one of the forementioned login methods does not work for you, then check with your website administrator to see if you have the requisite user role permissions to get to the back-end page you are trying to reach.