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Live Mode

Opening a Page in dotCMS displays a collapsible column of tools on the left hand side of the Page with three different tabs across the top left side of the page- Edit (when locked for editing), Preview, and Live.

Live Mode shows the last published version of a Page.  Even though two contentlets exist on the Page shown below, Live Mode only displays the content that existed on the Page as of the last time that the Page was published.

After using the "Publish Page" button (which is only available in Edit or Preview modes), the new highlighted content now displays in Live Mode in the second image below.  If you have published your Page but you are still having problems viewing the content on the Page in Live Mode, then the permissions on the content are most likely not set properly.  For more information, see the documentation section on Content Permissions

The collapsible toolbar on the left hand column buttons displays the following buttons:

  • Page Properties - brings the user to the Add/Edit Page view where Page Properties, Page Permissions, and Page Versions can be managed.
  • Page Statistics - brings the user to the Web Statistics Page view where users can view and filter Page statistics
  • Edit Template - allows the user to edit the Template that the current Page is using.  This button only displays if a user has permissions to the Template.
  • Create New Page - add a new Page (of the same Page Content Type)
  • Language Version - The language version select box will reload the backend page to display the various multi-lingual versions of the content that displayed on the Page.  Languages must be installed first in dotCMS to be made available in this select box.  For more information, please see the documentation section on Multilingual Content.