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Files are Content

When you create a new file, you are actually creating a new piece of content.

Why is this important?

  • You can create new file content types (base type:file), and you can customize fields on a per filetype basis.
  • You may use all normal content tools on files, including adding taxonomy, tags and fields to files, relating files and pulling files with Lucene queries.
  • You can easily create a document management or asset management solution.
  • You can apply workflows to files based on their content types. For example your photo and document libraries can have different workflows.
  • Files are URL addressable binary files with all the benefits of being content.
  • Files have CDN friendly pathing to image manipulation with no query strings.

To create a new file, go to the Site Browser and select a folder, then right click on the folder and click on: New → Image or File.

A popup dialog will show up asking to select the file asset type you wish you upload.
This drop down will display all the content types of type: File Asset. The list shows the content types that are available to use for the editor based on permissions.

New File Asset

Once you select a File Asset Type you will be redirected to the Edit Content screen, this is the same page you use to create or edit content and that is now how we will add and edit files

This screen will display all the fields that have been created for the selected content type

Edit File Asset

If you select a different File Asset type the screen will display different fields as shown below

Edit File Asset - Document

Whenever a new file is uploaded dotCMS automatically extracts its Metadata, and this information is displayed on the Metadata tab. For more information on how this process works please go to: File Metadata

If you want to create or modify a File Asset type, go to Content Types and click on the drop down to select: File content type.

This will show you the listing of all the content types in dotCMS that are File Assets.

From this page you will be able to Add or Edit your File content types the same way you manage other content types.

Content Type Listing

On the Edit / Add Content type page you will find a list of all the fields on this file asset. Make sure you all newly created fields are added above the Metadata field if you want them to show up on the first edit page tab.

Edit / Add Content Type