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Begin Contributing Content

Content can be contributed in different ways but it all winds up in the content repository. Since all content is stored in the same place, it can all be found, used repeatedly and shared throughout one or multiple sites across many pages. Although there are ways that content can be contributed from a front-end form, the primary ways content is added are via the Content Tab and by editing pages.

Adding Content from the Content Tab

  1. Once you have logged into dotCMS back-end, click on the Content tab.
  2. From the Content tab select the desired type of content that you wish to contribute from the Type drop down list of content types.
  3. Click the “Add New Content” button.
  4. Fill out each required field (marked with an orange asterisk), and click on the Save (draft), or Save/Publish to save a live version of the content on your site. In the tutorial, we've selected a fairly generic content type called Web Page Content which has a Title and a Body field.

Adding Content from a page

  1. Click on the Site Browser tab and find the folder where the page resides that you want to add content to
  2. In the detail area of the Site Browser, double-click the name of the page to open it and unlock the page to open the Edit Mode view on the page
  3. Click on the “Add Content” button over the section of the page you would like to add content to
  4. Click “New Content” from the drop down list
  5. Fill out the required fields (marked with orange asterisk), and “Save” (draft), or “Save/Publish” to add a live piece of content that is immediately visible to the public (provided that it has the proper Permissions)

Re-using Content on a Page

If you wish to place an existing piece of content on a page(s):

  1. Open the page in Edit Mode after locking the page for editing
  2. Click the “Add Content” button above the section of the page where you wish to add the existing piece of content
  3. Click on “Reuse Content
  4. Type keywords into the search fields provided by the search window to find the desired piece of content
  5. Click the “Select” button to the left of the content title to add the piece of content to your page