dotCMS Releases version 2.5.6

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dotCMS Releases version 2.5.6 Jul 21, 2014

DotCMS Enterprise version 2.5.6 is now available. Released July 19th, 2014, this update is primarily focused around improvements and fixes related to the dotCMS advanced feature: Push Publishing. The upgrade will improve performance, configuration tools and stability for dotCMS Enterprise customers that are working with Push Publishing. Customers that want to take advantage of publishing content in dotCMS from one instance to another will want to be sure to get this update.

Improvements and fixes related to push publishing include Integrity Checker & Conflict Resolver. This is a new feature in the Publishing Environments tab that allows users to check for and resolve conflicts that that may exist between servers. Use the Integrity Checker and Conflict Resolver when you are setting up or troubleshooting a Push Publishing configuration.

For improved troubleshooting, a significant improvement was made in logging any Push Publishing errors that may occur. This is also particularly helpful to system administrators in setting up and troubleshooting Push Publishing environments.

DotCMS version 2.5.6 added the ability to handle multi lingual content with Push Publishing. The update also improved the performance of the Tag Manager when working in other languages and improved the performance and stability of the re-index process.

Version 2.5.6 is highly recommended for anyone working with Push Publishing or considering it. Users that are upgrading from 2.x can upgrade directly to 2.5.6 without any intermediate steps and for those that use the dotCMS autoupdater, you can use it to update your system. More info is available on the dotCMS Blog.