DotCMS and Architech Partner to Deliver Innovative Digital Experiences

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DotCMS and Architech Partner to Deliver Innovative Digital Experiences Jan 28, 2015

Architech and dotCMS team members met in Miami in January to advance their collaboration and new partnership.

We are pleased to announce the formal designation of Architech (@architechca) Toronto, Canada, as a dotCMS Platinum Partner. The announcement comes as a result of the two companies collaborating on a portfolio of projects that are delivering market leading and innovative use of dotCMS technology. Architech has a proven track record of using dotCMS technology as a core component in interactive solution development and has earned the formal designation of Platinum Partner based on their knowledge and expertise in helping dotCMS customers do more and build faster with dotCMS.

DotCMS as a company and as a technology is a perfect fit with Architech’s approach and philosophy. The partnership is a natural outcome for the two companies in that both companies share cultures that are passionate about delivering solutions that are innovative and take advantage of the flexibility and power of using dotCMS as an xCMS solution. Because dotCMS is flexible, extensible and included advanced and open API’s lower the barrier to integration and implementation, dotCMS will enable Architech to “Bring great ideas to life, faster,” for their customers.

Beyond the companies collaboration in the development of customer solutions, they are also working together to deliver a series of webinars and events that showcase the outcomes of the companies’ partnership and demonstrate the use of dotCMS technology in innovative ways.

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