dotCMS 2.0 Public Demo / Beta

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dotCMS 2.0 Public Demo / Beta Nov 15, 2011

In preparation for the move to dotCMS 2.0, we are pleased to announce a public demo of dotCMS 2.0 ( ).  While the user interface looks similar to the 1.9 series, there have been hundreds of improvements in the codebase and in underlying functionality.   Highlights of the 2.0 release will include:
New Customizable/Extendable Workflow Engine 
  • Allows the creation of multiple, muli-level workflow schemes for content and files.
  • Workflows can trigger customizable subactions.  
  • Different content type can have different workflows
Files as Content
  • New file types can be created, fields can be customized on a per filetype basis
  • URL addressable binary files with all the benefits of being content.
Metadata Extraction/Indexing
  • Metadata/content is extracted from files and is indexed and made searchable, including full-text indexing.  This allows for document management solutions to be created using the dotCMS platform.
ElasticSearch replaces (wraps) lucene for performance and horizontal scalability
  • Index Replication/Auto-sharding
  • Index once, available everywhere in clustered installations.
  • Allows index infrastructure to scale separately from dotCMS installation based on an implementation’s need
Pessimistic Content Checkin / Checkout
  • Content can be locked for editing - only the editing user or CMS Administrators can release the lock.
Content Editing UI improvements
  • Workflows and content locking are integrated into an improved content editing UI.
Key/Value Field Type
  • Allows a content type an unlimited number of values that can be determined when the content is being entered – think the specifications page for various electronic products in an ecommerce environment.
Data Model/API Improvements
  • Content state has been moved to a separate table 
  • Identifiers, live and working versions all enforced by referential integrity
The 2.0 beta site is available here - it is automatically rebuilt every 12h:
Login with : : admin
Currently, dotCMS 2.0 is targeted to be released in late Feb 2012.   We welcome any questions, issues or feedback!