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Author: "Will Ezell"

RESTful Image Processing

Author: Will Ezell | Created: Aug 24, 2012

The dotCMS has a great online image editor, but almost as important is that underlying the image editor is a RESTful interface (API) for manipulating images...

Checkin Content from HashMap - Transactional

Author: Will Ezell | Created: Aug 07, 2012

This is a very straightforward demonstration JSP that will transactionally checkin 10 pieces of News content using the 2.1 starter site content schema.

Deleting a User from the Database

Author: Will | Created: Jul 10, 2012

This SQL will delete/repoint references to a user. This SQL needs to be run in the DB and once complete, you will need to flush the cache for the user...

Looping over the values of a Key Value field

Author: Will | Created: May 31, 2012

It can be hard to understand what is in a key value field. The below code will loop over the values and spit out the keys and the values.


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