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Author: "Mark Pitely"

Sample Google Calendar API fetch

Author: Mark Pitely | Created: Feb 12, 2013

A working copy of a JSON fetch from the Google Calendar API.

IP Address Restrictor

Author: Mark Pitely | Created: Jun 27, 2012

Change a page based on incoming IP Address. For example make certain information only available to those on campus.

Report the 50 largest images on your system

Author: Mark Pitely | Created: May 22, 2012

This is just a nice utility/tool to help locate all those massive images people upload without thinking about the size. This makes it easy for a graphics...

Flexible 2/3 column Template

Author: Mark Pitely | Created: Dec 23, 2011

Allow a template to be 2 OR 3 columns based on what is in the 3rd column. If the 3rd column is empty, it will resize the 2nd column to take up all the ...


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