Codeshare List of user-contributed code snippets for dotCMS Java CMS.

Author: "Kivi Shapiro"

Internationalized URL Title code

Author: Kivi Shapiro | Created: Oct 20, 2014

The default url-title.vtl is ASCII-only: any characters that are not letters of the English alphabet (or a digit or a hyphen) are discarded.

Honeypot (better than CAPTCHA)

Author: Kivi Shapiro | Created: Oct 20, 2014

This code implements honeypots (, a user-friendly alternative to CAPTCHA for preventing spam...

Image gallery that works with file assets and documents

Author: Kivi Shapiro | Created: Aug 13, 2013

The default version of image-gallery.vtl that comes with dotCMS only works with image files of type Document.

Auto-scroll to top of page

Author: Kivi Shapiro | Created: Apr 10, 2013

The home page for one of our sites was loading a lot of content into various containers, much of which was created on the fly by vtl.


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