Codeshare List of user-contributed code snippets for dotCMS Java CMS.

Author: "Jeremiah Weeden-Wright"

Log Configuration Portlet

Author: Jeremiah Weeden-Wright | Created: Jul 27, 2014

The Logging Portlet allows a CMS Administrator in dotCMS to dynamically set logging levels of classes and packages at runtime that are known to the dotCMS...

Checking Load Times of Individual Components in a Page

Author: Jeremiah Weeden-Wright | Created: Apr 08, 2013

We recently have been trying to find components (widgets/parsed vtls/containers) that are taking too long to load and could use optimization.

Using Dynamic Content's Image as Background Without Path in CSS

Author: Jeremiah Weeden-Wright | Created: Jul 16, 2012

Do you ever find yourself loading multiple pieces of dynamic content onto a page and need to use an image path from that content as a background image ...

Randomize a Query and Sort

Author: Jeremiah Weeden-Wright | Created: Jun 21, 2012

This code snippet shows how to take a content pull, randomize the list for a specific number of results and then sort the randomized list afterward.


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