Open Source license options for running dotCMS, the worlds most popular open source java content management system.

The dotCMS Open License is an open and flexible license for enterprises that are unable to use open source licensed software or that are looking for the services and assurances that comes with running a commercially backed product. Select the Community license if your organization is self sufficient and comfortable with community-only support.


dotCMS Community Edition

dotCMS Enterprise Editions

Cost FREE Request Pricing
License GPL 3.0 dotCMS Open License
Term Perpetual Yearly or Perpetual
Code Access Access to Community source code Access to Community and Enterprise Source Code for term of agreement
Modifications to Code Required to opensource any linking or proprietary code build into or on dotCMS that will be redistributed, either as source or over the internet as a service.
  • Permissive and Non-Viral
  • Waives the requirement to opensource any linking or proprietary code build into or on dotCMS
  • Grants redistribution rights to proprietary code built on or into dotCMS if such code is redistributed with a valid dotCMS Enterprise Offering
Support Supported by the dotCMS community Access to dotCMS Support, Services and Training
Warranty No Warranty Warranty covers all bugs, provides Indemnification
Bug Fixes Supported by the dotCMS community Receive priority Support from dotCMS
Best Fit
  • Simple online businesses
  • Simple technical environments
  • Internet Startups
  • SAAS and Integrated Deployments
  • More Complex online businesses
  • More Complex technical environments
  • Desire option of sharing or keeping code modifications
  • Want peace of mind associated with Warranty