Moving to the Cloud

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dotCMS CASE STUDY: Moving to the Cloud

The Challenge

As a leading B2B marketing software provider discovered, a dynamic tool that provides marketing solutions ranging from email to event registration and management to feedback surveys and more, having a website for your developer community to find resources and documentation is the key to the success of your platform.

The B2B marketing software team had a developer site that is used as a knowledge hub to provide documentation, API information, how-tos, a tech blog, and event information. Used by around 10,000 users a month, keeping this site up-to-date with the latest upgrades and server maintenance proved to be an issue for the B2B marketing software’s team because of the lack of internal technical resources.

The Solution

While the B2B marketing software team was using a dotCMS on-premise implementation, they did not have the appropriate backup and recovery plan in place, and when they started having trouble meeting the needs of an influx in traffic, they knew they needed to make a change.

dotCMS recommended a change from on-premise to dotCMS Cloud in order to offload many of the resource-strapped tasks, like backups, version upgrades, and server maintenance, that were impacting the performance of the site. With a dotCMS Cloud implementation, their team could now focus on improving site architecture and adding advanced features they had been missing before, like push publishing, instead of trying to maintain servers and upgrades with a undersized staff.