Building a Better Intranet with dotCMS

Creating a solid, scalable intranet solution

dotCMS CASE STUDY: Building a Better Intranet with dotCMS

The Challenge

A leading delicatessen meat, cheese, and condiment supplier that prides itself on their commitment to high quality standards was running into issues when it came to keeping their distributor network informed on the latest products and marketing updates. With over 1,000 products in their inventory and 450 distributors, the delicatessen supplier needed to change the way it published and received information with their network. Without easy access to marketing materials, upcoming promotions, or new product updates, distributors were turning to their own solutions leading to inaccurate information being passed to customers as well as inconsistencies with the delicatessen brand as a whole.

The delicatessen supplier knew that their homegrown intranet system was no longer meeting the needs of their distributors and internal team. They needed a new platform that would act as a strong foundation to build upon as the business grew. With the help of their digital agency, the delicatessen supplier evaluated five CMS platforms and decided upon dotCMS as it met their needs with its out-of-the-box functionality and came with the scalability and flexibility they required.

The Solution

With over 1,000 different products, an important aspect of the intranet would be its ability to manage content independent of display. The delicatessen supplier needed to minimize the use of PDFs, Word Docs, and PowerPoints and emphasize web content in order to meet the needs of its distributors who were often looking up product information on the go.

Using dotCMS to manage content, the delicatessen supplier can now easily create detail pages that dynamically pull in content about each product based on the categories and tags assigned by editors. This allow content editors to focus on keeping information fresh, accurate, and relevant while giving the distributors the ability to view content on their device of choice.

Distributors can now get all the information on a product as they would expect to see it, encouraging the use of corporate approved marketing collateral, promotions, and other materials.