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How to Build an Alexa Skill That Your Audience Will Love

69 percent of Alexa Skills have zero or just one customer review, signaling extremely low usage. Here’s how to build an Alexa Skill that your audience will love.
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Everything You Need to Know About Single Page Applications

What are Single Page Applications (SPAs), and why are they becoming so popular?
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Beyond Headless Content: Layout as a Service in dotCMS

You should expect more than content from your REST apis. With Layout as a Service (LaaS) you can get the benefits of a traditional CMS driven experience with the developer friendliness of CaaS. Layout as a Service makes app/CMS integrations (including previews) extraordinarily straightforward.
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dotCMS Rules, Targeted Content and Personalization

Introducing dotCMS 3.5 - now with Rules, Targeted content and personalization, keys to improving user engagement and customer experiences across marketing channels. Now available for download.
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Developing a Github Flavored Markdown Plugin

Recently, we were asked if dotCMS can deliver Github flavored Markdown content. We thought that developing a Markdown would be a great example of how easy it is to extend dotCMS with OSGi plugins.
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Real World Benchmarking with dotCMS

Editor’s note: Recently, dotCMS CTO Will Ezell has been seen tinkering in the data center with the latest release of software in the dotCMS 3.x series. After some thorough testing and experimenting late into the night, he’s ready to publish the results of his handy work. No doubt, as a user of dotCMS software, you’ll be pleased with the results of this new dotCMS "Real World" Benchmark Performance Report.
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Two Trends in Content Management for 2015

As a vendor to a broad base of industries, working with companies operating with a variety of business models, we get to observe and gain a unique insight into trends in content management. In 2015, advanced and open API’s are lowering the barrier to integration and collaboration in content management and in content strategy projects and the Internet of Things (IoT) marches on...
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Spring MVC Support in dotCMS 2.0

dotCMS 2.0 now comes with support for the widely popular Spring MVC Web development framework.
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New in dotCMS 1.9 - Custom Fields and URL Mapping

The dotCMS CTO walks through two new features included in dotCMS, Custom Fields and URL Mapping.
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Ignore the Spec - CMIS 1.0 is for Web Content Management too

CMIS has been called a glorified wrapper for Document Management. But we are finding that CMIS answers many of web content management integration questions as well.
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Why dotCMS plugins change everything…

The pending release of dotCMS 1.7 is the most stable, solid, performant release of dotCMS to date. We have spent countless hours and development cycles improving and QAing the multitude of functionality included in dotCMS. There are also a host of new features, which we’ll talk about later. So of course all that’s great news. Blah, blah, blah.
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