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Navigating OSGi - Extending Your Software to Embed an OSGi Framework

You have your software in place, but you need a better way of allowing your technical users to extend the platform. Most Java developers are aware of OSGi, but embedding an OSGi framework into your product seems like a huge undertaking. Further clouding the the path is the uncertainty of exactly how OSGi works. For many Java developers OSGi feels more like trying to navigate the open sea rather than something they would want to play with.
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Chasing the Holy Grail of NG Development : Angular CLI, NPM Library, and Packaging

The combination of HTML 5 and Angular 2+ (NG2) has brought us closer to Avalon than ever before. Using these two recent technologies, front end web developers have created more rich desktop-like apps in recent years than any single library or technology has before.
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Have you lost your 'Head' yet? Build how you want with Headless CMS

Businesses with complex web environments are rethinking their approach to content management to better support their operations. Many businesses are managing thousands or even millions of pieces of individual content, across thousands of pages and hundreds or thousands of editors. Developers often want to use tool sets outside of the CMS to create the best user experiences with approaches like single page apps. Content also has to be delivered over multiple channels like mobile and the Internet of Things.
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dotCMS and the Scripting Worlds Collide

Have you ever worked within a CMS and thought to yourself, “I wish I could knock out a script in something I'm more familiar with?" If so, you're going to love the new dotCMS Scripting plugin. This plugin allows you to execute server side code directly from Velocity in these popular scripting languages: Ruby, Python, Groovy and Javascript. You can declare variables in your velocity code and use them within your scripting language. You can call methods or functions in your script (from Velocity). Best of all, you can access any dotCMS Java class directly from your php/ruby/js/python/groovy scripts.
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You Asked for it, You got it, PHP in dotCMS

There have been previous attempts to integrate PHP with dotCMS. The most difficult hurdle was figuring out how to get PHP files to live within the dotCMS browser tree and have all INCLUDES and REQUIRES work properly, which is key to running any PHP app in dotCMS. While the original effort to integrate PHP into dotCMS eventually lost steam, interest in a PHP+dotCMS solution remained strong.  The good news is that with our new Scripting Plugin, we took a little different approach to integrating PHP with dotCMS and in doing so, solved the issues that originally stopped us.
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