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How Hyper-Personalization Helps Improve the Employee Experience

Improving the employee experience is high on every enterprise’s priority list. Here’s how hyper-personalization can help.
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iIoT: the Internet of Things is About to Revolutionize Manufacturing

The Internet of Things isn’t just putting screens and voices into our favorite gadgets. It’s revolutionizing the very way those gadgets are made, delivered and monitored.
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11 Benefits of Cloud Computing

What is cloud computing, and what benefits does the cloud bring to brands who are entering into the IoT era?
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How Microservices Aid Agile Development, Deployment, and Scaling

What are microservices, and how do they impact agile development, deployment and scalability? (monolith lovers, look away now!)
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What is B2E (Business-to-Employee), And Why it is Important?

The significance of the employee experience cannot be understated. You may have a digital workplace, but is your overarching B2E strategy really a priority?
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Website Accessibility: So Much More Than A Legal Obligation

Your organization may or may not be legally obligated to provide accessible digital experiences — but in any case, an inaccessible website means that you’re alienating a large (and growing) segment of your audience.
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6 Ways to Collect Accurate Voice of The Customer Data

The voice of your customer is the key to a successful customer experience orchestration strategy. Period. Here’s how to collect VoC data and avoid inaccuracies in the process.
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Website Accessibility Checklist: 10 Steps Towards Website Compliance

Website accessibility is a legal obligation in some industries, and an ethical practice in all industries. Here’s how to take your first steps towards website compliance.
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3 Ways IoT Devices Can Streamline Your Customer Experience

Your customer experience may be personalized and well orchestrated across multiple channels — but with speed meaning more to the average consumer than ever before, is your customer experience fast enough?
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Wearable Payment Devices: How IoT Payment Gateways Are Changing eCommerce

Wearable Payment Devices and IoT Payment Gateways are about to change eCommerce and bricks-and-mortar shopping forever. But the question is, how?
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Lessons Learned From Building An Alexa Skill For Students

Gettysburg College build a set of skills for their students, and this is what they learned.
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4 Industries Amazon Alexa Will Disrupt

Think Alexa is just a fad? Think again. Industries like higher education and healthcare are set for an Alexa-centric transformation.
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5 Alexa Skills For Business We'd Like to See in 2018

The Amazon Echo is taking households and businesses by storm. Here some ideas for Alexa Skills for business that we’d love to see.
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Codeless Customer Experience Orchestration: Can It Be Done?

Can a marketing team really engage in Customer Experience Orchestration without delving into any code? We think so.
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Digital Transformation Is Good, But Digital Disruption Is Better

Is digital transformation enough in 2018 and beyond? With the IoT about to hit, winning brands need to innovate, not just transform.
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Tackling a Software Redesign: Launching dotCMS’s New UI

For the redesign of dotCMS, we knew we’d need to use a phased approach that would allow us to build the design, without impacting the functionality that our customers need. Since, our agile process is based on six month release cycles. We needed to start by defining what we could get accomplished in the first cycle and making sure we laid the architecture for future releases.
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Tracking Personas in dotCMS Using Google Analytics Custom Dimensions

Learn how to track and report on personalized user experiences using dotCMS Personas, Targeted Content and Google Analytics custom dimensions.
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Developing a Dynamic YouTube Search Widget

This article will walk you through how to build a dynamic YouTube widget in dotCMS. You will learn how to use the YouTube API to search for videos and save them in your widget using Dojo.
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