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Everything You Need to Know About Single Page Applications 01.11.2018 | Will Ezell

What are Single Page Applications (SPAs), and why are they becoming so popular?
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The Reinvention of Single Page Apps 10.18.2017 | Mike Reynolds

Single Page Application (SPA) solutions are experiencing a surge in popularity and quickly becoming the talk of the industry. Though far from new, these solutions have been matured with the emergence of client-side frameworks, like Angular and React.JS, and are being introduced into enterprise applications in new ways.
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Have you lost your 'Head' yet? Build how you want with Headless CMS 09.25.2017 | Jason Tesser

Businesses with complex web environments are rethinking their approach to content management to better support their operations. Many businesses are managing thousands or even millions of pieces of individual content, across thousands of pages and hundreds or thousands of editors. Developers often want to use tool sets outside of the CMS to create the best user experiences with approaches like single page apps. Content also has to be delivered over multiple channels like mobile and the Internet of Things.
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