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Smoothing Out the Rocky Road to Personalization - Part 3: Personalization in dotCMS 09.13.2017 | John Michael Thomas

The third and final post of our three-part series demonstrates how dotCMS personalization features implement some of the most challenging personalization features and provide a very fast way to begin implementing personalization on your site, along with a straight-forward, incremental path to implement some of the most sophisticated personalization features.
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Developing a Github Flavored Markdown Plugin 10.30.2015 | Will Ezell

Recently, we were asked if dotCMS can deliver Github flavored Markdown content. We thought that developing a Markdown would be a great example of how easy it is to extend dotCMS with OSGi plugins.
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Implementing multilingual sites using Dotcms 08.04.2012 | Maria Bouza

After a couple of large scale multilingual implementations in of Dotcms we thought we should share some of the lessons learned and recommend some best practices. Over the years we have implemented many "bilingual" sites, however in the process of implementing an extensive and diverse multi-lingual site we had to find solutions to a number of challenges.
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You Asked for it, You got it, PHP in dotCMS 08.09.2009 | Jason Tesser

There have been previous attempts to integrate PHP with dotCMS. The most difficult hurdle was figuring out how to get PHP files to live within the dotCMS browser tree and have all INCLUDES and REQUIRES work properly, which is key to running any PHP app in dotCMS. While the original effort to integrate PHP into dotCMS eventually lost steam, interest in a PHP+dotCMS solution remained strong.  The good news is that with our new Scripting Plugin, we took a little different approach to integrating PHP with dotCMS and in doing so, solved the issues that originally stopped us.
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Why dotCMS plugins change everything… 03.27.2009 | Will Ezell

The pending release of dotCMS 1.7 is the most stable, solid, performant release of dotCMS to date. We have spent countless hours and development cycles improving and QAing the multitude of functionality included in dotCMS. There are also a host of new features, which we’ll talk about later. So of course all that’s great news. Blah, blah, blah.
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