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How Hyper-Personalization Helps Improve the Employee Experience

Jason Smith | 07.03.2018

Improving the employee experience is high on every enterprise’s priority list. Here’s how hyper-personalization can help.

AI-enabled Personalization: How to Get Started

Alexandra Barcelona | 04.19.2018

Artificial intelligence is here, and it’s helping brands refine customer experiences by delivering even more personalized content and product recommendations. Here’s how to get sta...

What Is Hyper-Personalization?

Alexandra Barcelona | 04.16.2018

Hyper-personalization aims to go a step further than traditional personalization by relying on even more data to produce an even more tailored customer experience.

Smoothing Out the Rocky Road to Personalization - Part 3: Personalization in dotCMS

John Michael Thomas | 09.13.2017

The third and final post of our three-part series demonstrates how dotCMS personalization features implement some of the most challenging personalization features and provide a ver...

Smoothing Out the Rocky Road to Personalization - Part 2: Implementing Personalization

John Michael Thomas | 08.29.2017

The second post of our three-part series discusses some important considerations when implementing personalization, including both common types of personalization and some of the c...

Smoothing Out the Rocky Road to Personalization - Part 1

John Michael Thomas | 08.23.2017

Personalization has the potential to significantly improve your site; however, there are many different ways to implement personalization, all of which have impacts on both the use...

Getting Ready for dotCMS 3.5

John Scudder | 03.30.2016

Let's take a moment and consider the implications of the dotCMS 3.5 release. We have a few ideas to help you get ready for the upgrade in advance, and to help you get the most out ...

Tracking Personas in dotCMS Using Google Analytics Custom Dimensions

Jason Smith | 03.25.2016

Learn how to track and report on personalized user experiences using dotCMS Personas, Targeted Content and Google Analytics custom dimensions.

dotCMS Rules, Targeted Content and Personalization

Will Ezell | 02.24.2016

Introducing dotCMS 3.5 - now with Rules, Targeted content and personalization, keys to improving user engagement and customer experiences across marketing channels. Now available f...

DotCMS On the Horizon - New Feature Preview

John Scudder | 07.30.2015

Earlier this year we made some important enhancements to dotCMS adding significant new capabilities; pages-as-content, enhanced workflows, faceted search, Java 8 support. Now, it's...

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