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dotCMS and Dojo 09.29.2009 | David Torres

It's been roughly two months since we included Dojo as part of the dotCMS core javascript framework. We chose Dojo after evaluating the most popular frameworks out there including JQuery, mootools, prototype/scriptaculous and YUI. Each of these frameworks is pretty good but none is perfect. Although none of them met all our requirements, Dojo was clearly the best fit due to its extensive set of rich widgets and form controls.
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dotCMS and the Scripting Worlds Collide 08.17.2009 | Jason Tesser

Have you ever worked within a CMS and thought to yourself, “I wish I could knock out a script in something I'm more familiar with?" If so, you're going to love the new dotCMS Scripting plugin. This plugin allows you to execute server side code directly from Velocity in these popular scripting languages: Ruby, Python, Groovy and Javascript. You can declare variables in your velocity code and use them within your scripting language. You can call methods or functions in your script (from Velocity). Best of all, you can access any dotCMS Java class directly from your php/ruby/js/python/groovy scripts.
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