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Implementing multilingual sites using Dotcms

Maria Bouza | 08.04.2012

After a couple of large scale multilingual implementations in of Dotcms we thought we should share some of the lessons learned and recommend some best practices. Over the years we ...

New in dotCMS 1.9 - Custom Fields and URL Mapping

Will Ezell | 02.25.2010

The dotCMS CTO walks through two new features included in dotCMS, Custom Fields and URL Mapping.

Ignore the Spec - CMIS 1.0 is for Web Content Management too

Will Ezell | 02.03.2010

CMIS has been called a glorified wrapper for Document Management. But we are finding that CMIS answers many of web content management integration questions as well.

Rehabilitating the Web With Section 508

Brent Pocker | 11.02.2009

The Rehabilitation Act was amended with section 508 a little over 10 years ago to require Federal agencies to deliver their electronic information in such a way that it is accessib...

dotCMS Enterprise: The Journey of a Bug.

Gabriela Gonzalez | 10.20.2009

Giving support to dotCMS EE clients on dealing with bugs that may restraint the proper behavior of their websites is one of the main goals to be achieved under dotCMS Enterprise mo...

dotCMS and Dojo

David Torres | 09.29.2009

It's been roughly two months since we included Dojo as part of the dotCMS core javascript framework. We chose Dojo after evaluating the most popular frameworks out there includin...

dotCMS' content Import Tool: Or how to save time on bulk content imports and edits.

Arnaud Romary | 08.20.2009

Anyone can be a content editor in the dotCMS. No need to know any HTML or CSS, just fill in the blanks and select "Save and Publish" and you're set. This is not only true...

You Asked for it, You got it, PHP in dotCMS

Jason Tesser | 08.09.2009

There have been previous attempts to integrate PHP with dotCMS. The most difficult hurdle was figuring out how to get PHP files to live within the dotCMS browser tree and have all ...

Must haves for any CMS

| 04.24.2009

I'm going to highlight the features that any Content Management System (CMS) worthy of the acronym should offer. I think there are concepts, best practices and technologies relate...

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