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Beyond Headless Content: Layout as a Service in dotCMS 10.31.2017 | Will Ezell

You should expect more than content from your REST apis. With Layout as a Service (LaaS) you can get the benefits of a traditional CMS driven experience with the developer friendliness of CaaS. Layout as a Service makes app/CMS integrations (including previews) extraordinarily straightforward.
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Structured Content is King 11.08.2016 | Alexandra Barcelona

We’ve all heard it, at least 100 times before: Content is King. While that may have been true a few years ago, there is a slight tweak that now needs to be made to that statement: Structured Content is King.
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Set Your Content Free With Our Upcoming Webinar 09.21.2016 | Alexandra Barcelona

More and more of our customers are using dotCMS to build CaaS solutions, which is why dotCMS, along with our partner, Architech, have joined together to present: Unleash Your Content - a special webinar focusing on CaaS.
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5 Ways CaaS Makes Sense for Your Business Team 08.16.2016 | Alexandra Barcelona

CaaS opens up the door for brands to easily create new user experiences and stay current with emerging technology, keeping them relevant. It’s no surprise that many brands are moving toward this type of platform, here are five reasons your business team will want a CaaS solution too.
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Why Digital Marketers Should Make a Push for CaaS in Their Organizations 07.20.2016 | Alexandra Barcelona

Try as they may, today’s digital marketers are falling behind when it comes to creating engaging user experiences on all the latest disruptive technologies. From social, to mobile, wearables and IoT (Internet of things), it’s no wonder why they’re lagging: creating content for each channel is usually managed on different platforms, requiring on-going maintenance, upkeep, and more. How can digital marketers keep up with the latest technologies without over-burdening themselves to be constantly creating new content? Enter CaaS.
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