Scalable high performance Content Management System with multi-level caching infrastructure .


dotCMS is an Enterprise Open Source Content Management System that has been engineered to scale both horizontally and vertically. To demonstrate the scalability of the dotCMS platform, dotCMS engineers designed a test to benchmark various content delivery components of the dotCMS Enterprise Prime system. As a baseline, dotCMS engineers performed the benchmark tests on untuned dotCMS Enterprise Prime instances running on modern server hardware. Next, because of the significant interest in cloud technologies, the dotCMS engineering team performed an extensive round of performance testing on an untuned dotCMS Enterprise Prime running on all levels of Amazon’s Elastic Cloud platform, both as a single server and running in a clustered configuration. Finally, dotCMS engineers benchmarked of the performance dotCMS using the new page cache, available on dotCMS 1.9.2 on the physical hardware and on the clustered Amazon instances.


  • Determine if dotCMS provides vertical (improves as the hardware improves) and horizontal (improves as more servers are added to a dotCMS cluster) scalability.
  • Determine maximum traffic and average response times of dotCMS running on various Amazon EC2 offerings.
  • Determine how dotCMS’s performance differs running on physical hardware v. running on Amazon’s EC2 offerings
  • Determine the performance benefits of dotCMS’s Enterprise 1.9.2 new caching mechanism, the Page Cache.
Content Management Performance Report
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