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Released: Dec 23, 2014


  • Fixed some typos in the backend

  • Updated some missing files in the WYSIWYG editor that was causing issues with both workflows and front end content submission

  • Addressed a leak from a possible closed connection while requesting a file

  • Updated the helloworld plugin for 3.0

  • Improved the logic when running a full reindex.  Helps with those who run a reindex that never finishes

Things to Know

  • 3.0 doesn't have support for the Autoupdater yet so users of 3.0 will have to manually update 

Issue Tracker


Released: Dec 18, 2014



  • Number of fixes to the Integrity Checker and Push Publishing

  • Navtool cache fix prevents unnecessary DB queries

  • Reindex Process made more robust and fault tolerant.

Things to Note

  • If you have a plugin that configs TinyMCE, you will need to review the config to ensure that it is compatible with TinyMCE version 4.x

  • The security improvements noted above can be turned on or off (or set to https only) in the file.

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Released: Nov 18, 2014

New Features


  • Both SASS and LESS files will compile server side as you upload the source files
  • The SASS/LESS files are cached server side so they only have to compile the first time they are hit

Autoscale Clustering

  • Attaching 2 different dotCMS installs to the same DB and Assets will cause the 2 installs to cluster with zero config

Network Configuration Tab

  • Network and Clustering config can now be done from the Configuration Manager in the Backend UI

License Management

  • The License Management Tab in the UI is redone and improved
  • In the new Support Portal you can get a License Pack which allows you to Autoscale
  • Your ServerID and License Info is fully manageable in the License Manager

XML Sitemap

  • The XML Sitemap plugin is now included

Ace Text Editor

  • The Ace Editor is now used for all code textareas

Multiple Type Containers

  • Code can now be added to a container for every structure. This allows a container to display content from multiple structures

Indexing Code Upgraded

  • The index libraries have all been upgraded providing much improved indexing performance

Simplified WAR Deployment

  • Getting a WAR file can now be obtained from the normal dotCMS download
  • A shell and batch script to produce a WAR is included in the bin directory


Enhanced dotCMS Logging

  • Area of the system like Push Publishing have had been improved with better logging to help diagnose issues
  • A notification framework has been implemented complete with APIs to allow system wide communication and notifications
  • The User Activity Logger is much improved and logs many more dotCMS user actions

All Libraries Repackaged

  • Third Party Jars now have unique packaging to avoid conflicts with plugins and app servers

H2 DB Added for Testing and POCs

  • The dotCMS distribution can now be run without any config with the internal H2 DB
  • H2DB is not intended for production use

Overview of Fixes/Improvements

  • Over 100 Push Publishing Fixes and Improvements
  • TinyMCE has been upgraded and should work in all modern browsers
  • Site Search Highlighting has been fixed and improved
  • Continued XSS Security Improvements
  • CMIS code updated so that the latest workbench will connect and work

Things to Know

  • Over 700 Bugs and Fixes have been made between 2.5.6 and 3.0
  • If you are an Enterprise Client you will need to get a new license from the portal
  • If you checkout from source you will need to deploy to get the libraries to pull from our Gradle/Maven Repository
  • If upgrading and you have plugins please not that the folder structure of dotCMS has changed and all libraries have been repackaged
  • dotCMS now requires JDK 7
  • To see a full list of the 590+ issues worked on, please on visit our issues on GitHub


Released: Jul 19, 2014


  • Addressed issue with saving containers after upgrade to 2.5.5. This was the only thing addressed in 2.5.6


Released: Jul 15, 2014


  • Integrity Checker & Conflict Resolver - This is a new feature in the Publishing Environments tab (system/configuration/publishing environments) that allows users to check for and resolve conflicts that that may exist between servers. Prior to this there were some conflicts which Push Publishing was unable to handle
  • Improved the Job Scheduler’s ability to handle errors and delete jobs which no longer exist
  • To help developers build workflows, ActionID is now displayed for reference on the Workflow screen
  • Significant improvement to the logging of errors while Push Publishing to help with troubleshooting
  • Improved performance and stability of the Reindex process
  • Improved issues with the Tag Manager when working in other languages
  • Improved support for Unicode characters with File Assets


  • Fixed multiple bugs in the DB layer which caused breakdowns when saving especially during Push Publishing
  • Fixed issue when adding comments that would occasionally mess up the comments count
  • Fixed absolute URLs in vanity URLs when referencing a dotcms host
  • Fixed issue where limited user couldn’t create a page using layout templates
  • Fixed the help screen when logged in via HTTPS
  • Fixed issues with multi lingual content and Push Publishing where titles wouldn’t show
  • Fixed the reorder menu issue (impacted version 2.5.4 only)
  • Fixed ability to reassign workflow directly from the Edit Content Screen
  • Fixed Push Publishing issue when Pushing content that didn’t have a version in the default language
  • Fixed multiple issues when using the Site Search Highlighter on a cluster
  • Cleaned up duplicate references in the web.xml which prevented deploy on some app servers
  • Fixed issues related to the compare method in later versions of Java

Things to Note

  • The Navigation Cache would clear on startup but this doesn’t happen anymore
  • If you run the integrity checker your DB Config needs a user which can add/delete FKs on dotcms DB Tables



Released: Mar 7, 2014


  • Made forgotten password process more secure - now emails token for password reset.
  • Increased security algorithm for generation of passwords.
  • Fixed issue in Edit Mode which could resulting a 404 when clicking on a Menu Link.
  • By default you cannot redirect to an external referrer. To change this default behavior, set DISABLE_EXTERNAL_REFERERS=false in file of your configuration plugin.
  • Increased security for comments functionality.
  • Increased security to prevent header injection.
  • Improved XSS prevention algorithms.
  • Fixed live site caching issue when updating files.
  • Fixed CSV import when importing to a host.
  • Increased security of AjaxFileUploadServlet.
  • Improved security for system user.
  • Locked down multiple security issues.
  • Turned off autocompletion of password fields.



Released: Feb 14, 2014


  • Fixed multiple IE issues in the backend
  • Fixed multiple errors in the browser's console in the backend
  • Improved some system performance when running under load and during site search indexing
  • Fixed a few Push Publishing Issues
  • Fixed multiple issues for WebSphere 8
  • Fixed the Auto Login Checkbox
  • OSGi can now be disabled
  • Tags will now be imported properly when loading users from a CSV file



Released: Dec 20, 2013


  • Fixed concurrency issues with the dotcms cache under load
  • OSGi Examples all use Gradle now for building. This makes deploying and building plugins much easier
  • Fixed the issue where modifying files in a theme could cause the theme to disappear
  • Improved the Upgrade from dotcms 1.9 to 2.5.2+
  • Fixed over 20 Push Publishing Issues

Things to know

  • If you delete your osgi-extra file the system will try to generate a new one for you. It will do nothing if you leave it alone



Released: Oct 22, 2013


  • Workflows will now Push Publish when Pushing a Structure
  • When Content is Pushed the Workflow will be maintained meaning you will be in the same step on the Receiving server
  • When Pushing Structures the Field Variable name is now used for Fields which is important when the inodes are different but the Field Variable is the same


  • Fixed multiple issues when using the Push Publish Actionlet associated with Workflow
  • The User-Agent is now set properly in the header when using dotCMS functionality like Site-Search, Timemachine etc..
  • Fixed an issue when adding binary imagines to Events
  • Fixed Push Publishing a Page when it contains a Working version of Content but no Live version
  • Fixed multiple JS Script Errors on Content Search Manager
  • Fixed issues when retrying a failed Bundle
  • Improved dotcms logic on flushing the cache which will improve the performance of the system
  • Fixed an issue when binary fields weren't being copied over when creating a new language of an existing content
  • A number of stability and performance tweaks mostly surrounding Push Publishing

Things to know

  • There is a small DB change that will happen on Upgrade. We do not typically do this in a patch release but needed to on this one



Released: Sep 24, 2013

New Features

Push Publishing for the following objects

  • Hosts
  • Folders
  • Files
  • Menu Links
  • HTML Pages
  • Templates
  • Containers
  • OSGI Bundles
  • Categories
  • Structures
  • Users
  • Push Publishing will figure out your dependencies. ie.. Folders,files etc.. under your host
  • You can build Bundles in the UI as your browse around the dotCMS. These Bundles can be uploaded into other dotCMS installs
  • For more info see

Overview of Fixes/Improvements

  • The Content REST API is much improved with new examples see
  • Content Search Manager UI/XP Improvements. Now includes a simple search over all content
  • Edit Mode now will keep the session alive after long periods of inactivity
  • Company Tooling is now a Configuration Tool. In the future this will be used for dotCMS Configuration in the UI
  • Updated our Twitter tooling so the newer authentication works
  • Improved the Authentication methods for the REST APIs. Can now use Header, BASIC, Form and Session authentication
  • Site Search now respects content on the System Host(All Hosts) see
  • XSS Viewtool added see
  • Special Characters not import better when importing Content. See
  • User Agents are now set when the dotCMS is rendering its own pages for its interal tooling. The possible agents match their functionality. The possible values are DOTCMS-SITESEARCH, DOTCMS-CMIS, DOTCMS-HTMLPAGEDIFF, DOTCMS-TIMEMACHINE, DOTCMS-BROWSER

Things to Know

  • Over 300 Bugs and Fixes have been made between 2.3 and 2.5
  • Lots of IE9 and IE10 issues addressed
  • Added a new configuration CONTENT_ESCAPE_HTML_TEXT which controls the escaping of special UTF8 characters when importing content and in the WYSIWYG Tool
  • If you have been running 2.5 master you may need to delete the data from the push
  • The Email Campaign manager and functionality has been deprecated and will be removed in a future release.
  • Using filters instead of queries for performance (off by default).  You can set the property ELASTICSEARCH_USE_FILTERS_FOR_SEARCHING to true. This should improve the speed of searching for content (at times up to 60%). In 2.3 defaults to false but will be set to true in later versions
  • When using IE versions less then 9 with the dotCMS back end now requires the Google Chrome Frame
  • The new Javadoc is located at
  • To see a full list of the 590+ issues worked on, please on visit our issues on GitHub


Released: Jun 17, 2013

Overview of Fixes/Improvements

  • Addressed issues with pre 2.0 files in dotCMS
  • Addressed the issue where pages could be lost from CMS Maintenance Tooling
  • Addressed IE8 issues on login screen
  • Addressed Full Reindex issues where dotCMS wouldn't switch to the new index even though no content was left to index
  • Fixed the Random Sort in the ContentTool

Security Fixes

  • Removed some test JSPs
  • Locked down dotCMS Scripts under the JSP directory
  • Removed XSS from Login Screen
  • Addressed issues with DWR being too open
  • Fixed SQL Injection Issue


  • Changed the default for Clickstream. dotCMS now ships with it on by default


Released: May 10, 2013

Overview of Fixes/Improvements

  • Fixed the Windows issue when Downloading Data/Assets
  • Fixed an issue with Webdav where files could overwrite other files with like filenames


Released: May 7, 2013

New Features

Themes and Responsive Design

  • Themes provide a portable, sharable way to apply a common look and feel across a site or sites.
  • The included dotCMS starter site uses a theme based on Twitter’s Bootstrap for Responsive design, though any modern CSS/JS framework can be used.
  • dotCMS’s theme library provides starter themes for other major CSS frameworks (Foundation, YAML) and allows the community to contribute new themes.
  • Themes can be shared within a host and across hosts.
  • Available in the Community Edition

Template Designer

  • Allows users to create dotCMS templates without any knowledge of HTML code.
  • The Template Designer is used in conjunction with themes to apply a common, responsive look and feel across a site.
  • Preview your theme and template in mobile device resolutions.
  • Use an existing themes, create your own theme, or download a third party theme to create a new design template.
  • Available in the Community Edition

Automatic Link Checker

  • The new Link Checker workflow automatically checks links in WYSIWYG content before saving it, to avoid external link errors.
  • There is a new portlet called Broken Links that can run an external link check on all content structures and creates a report of all broken links. This process can be scheduled using a cron expression, which then sends an email with the link errors found to the content editors.
  • Available in the Enterprise Standard Edition

Time Machine / Static Snapshot

  • Time Machine allows a user to browse a snapshot of how a site has looked in the past or will look in the future (based on publish and expire dates).
  • The timemachine also allows a user to take a snapshot, or static copy, of selected hosts and save it as a "bundle" in dotCMS. This bundle can then be used to run a static copy of your sites on a non-dotCMS web server. Multiple snapshots can be taken for any dotCMS managed host.
  • Available in the Enterprise Standard Edition

Scheduled Publishing

  • Users can assign Publish dates and Expire dates to content structure which would automatically publish or expire content based on those dates.
  • Available in the Enterprise Professional Edition

Dynamic Plugins get more Powerful

  • Hot deploy portlets/admin tools in the backend of dotCMS.
  • Added the ability to deploy Quartz/Cron Jobs.
  • The extra packages can now be deployed from the UI.
  • New Examples on deploying your own Spring version and complete with Spring Web Services.
  • urlReWrite (tuckey) Filters can now be deployed from Dynamic Plugins.
  • Available in the Community Edition

New Navigation Tool

  • dotCMS ships with a developer friendly way to develop custom menus, crumbtrails and sitemaps with your own HTML and styles. This tool will build a navigation given a path and return a list of items.  
  • Available in the Community Edition

Wiki Tool

  • The new WikiTool allows dotCMS to parse wiki formated from 3rd party wiki sources like TWiki, Markdown, MediaWiki, Confluence
  • Available in the Community Edition

Remote Publishing - BETA

  • 2.3 introduces a new Remote Publishing framework which will enable remote publishing with an easy to use interface.  
  • Publish content, pages and even whole sites to one or more dotCMS server or dotCMS clusters that can be geographically distributed.
  • Remote Publishing is beta functionality that will be supported for Enterprise customers in the 2.3 version and will be finalized in the next dotCMS release.
  • Available in the Enterprise Professional Edition

Overview of Fixes/Improvements

  • The size of the dotCMS Cache is greatly reduced
  • CMIS is now faster and more robust. 2.3 connects can server content via CMIS directly to products like Liferay
  • Salesforce can now be used to authenticate similar to LDAP
  • Multiple IE9/IE10 fixes made
  • Roles Manager can now support hundreds of thousands of roles
  • URLMap now respects a passed in language_id and will set the language session to the language you pull
  • MySQL 5.6 now fully supported
  • Date fields now respect patterns YYYY-MM-DD (HH:MM:SS) and can accept an empty date. You can also set to now by default
  • Restful RoleAPI added
  • Rest APIs now support many authentication methods (GET,POST,BASIC,HEADER,SESSION)

Things to Know

  • Velocity has been updated to version 1.7 - the latest released version.  This includes a new 
     #[[don't parse me!  ]]# syntax for escaping large, multiline blocks of velocity code (jquery code anyone?). 
  • The Email Campaign manager and functionality has been deprecated and will be removed in a future release.
  • Using filters instead of queries for performance (off by default).  You can set the property ELASTICSEARCH_USE_FILTERS_FOR_SEARCHING to true. This should improve the speed of searching for content (at times up to 60%). In 2.3 defaults to false but will be set to true in later versions
  • DOJO has been upgraded to 1.8. As always, we recommend you clear browser cache on upgrade.
  • When using IE versions less then 9 with the dotCMS backend now requires the Google Chrome Frame
  • The new Javadoc is located at
  • To see a full list of the 590+ issues worked on, please on visit our issues on GitHub


Released: Mar 6, 2013

Overview of Fixes

  • The Log Tailer now Supports Absolute Pathing and logs in sub directories. This should help non Tomcat environments
  • Fixed issues with File Systems that do not support Hard Links
  • Fixed the issue with uploading files when your assets live on another volume from the dotCMS
  • Fixed a number of IE9 issues found on the backend of dotCMS
  • Made Workflows more forgiving when a role is deleted
  • Fixed the Photo Gallery Macro
  • Fixed issues with the Binary Field and Front End Forms
  • Fixed issues occuring when uploading multiple files at a time
  • Fixed some issues with the Dashboard
  • Some minor improvements to backend performance


Released: Oct 10, 2012

Overview of Changes

OSGI/Dynamic Plugin Improvements

  • Dynamic Plugin support has been greatly extended
  • Many more examples are provided under docs/examples/osgi
  • Added support for Servlets, Spring, and Content Hooks
  • Added more controls to Dynamic Plugins. Now you can restart the Framework from the UI without restarting the application

Related Content Improvements

  • You can now select multiple Contents to relate at once
  • When relating Content you can filter by language
  • The Relationship Field UI is much improved when saving content for dotCMS installs with multiple languages

Front End Content Forms

  • Custom Fields are now supported on the Front End of dotCMS Forms and SubmitContent Macro

CMIS Library Update

  • Updated to the latest Chemistry Open CMIS 0.7 libraries
  • RESTful XML/ATOM read write access to content repository

Index Management

  • Added new methods to the Restful API for Index Management providing easier backup/restore functionality
  • Aliases now work and SiteSearch Indicies can now be managed from the API
  • The following methods have been added getIndexName,getIndexStatus,getIndexRecordCount,getNotActiveIndexNames,StopReindexThread, startReindexThread, getReindexThreadStatus

General Backend Enhancements

  • Error Pages - You can now control the logo on the default error pages ie.. 403, 404, 500
  • dotCMS Browser - You can now copy/paste at root level of Host
  • The Drop Old Assets and Fix Asset Inconsistencies are much improved in both performance and functionality

Overview of Fixes/Improvements

  • Permission Performance is greatly improved. This included applying permissions from the Role Manager on All Hosts
  • Reindex Performance is greatly improved. We have seen over 10 times the speed on some installs
  • Upgraded WebDav library and fixed many bugs with WebDav including issues with limited users
  • Fixed issues with Site Search fields not be fully searchable
  • For cluster fixed the issue with teh WEB-INF/binary directory needing to be on the same partition as the Assets directory
  • The Autoupdater uses hardlinks for assets now to help with disk space
  • URL Map Content has much improved multiple language support
  • DOJO has been upgraded to 1.8 for latest Browser support
  • Upgraded Elastic Search to 19.9
  • Upgraded TinyMCE to 3.5.7
  • dotCMS will now respect the URL you are trying to hit when not logged into the backend. So you can go right to the correct tooling/portlet in the backend
  • dotCMS is now fully translated into Chinese, French, Italian, Dutch, German, Russian, and Spanish

Things to Know


Released: Aug 3, 2012

Overview of Changes

  • The logging config now logs Velocity logging to its own file
  • We made a few changes to the stater
  • Solved a cluster issue which could prevent dotCMS from starting in 2.1
  • Fixed a MSSQL permission caching issue


Released: Jul 19, 2012

Overview of Changes

.html is now the Default HTML Page Extension

Site Search (Enterprise)

Scheduled Workflow Tasks (Enterprise)

  • Scheduled Task Automation Added to Workflow - Within a step you can now schedule a Workflow Action to automatically fire if the tasks remains on that step for a certain length of time.  This allows you to create automatic review dates for content, escalate content stalled in workflow or perform any other workflow action on a timed basis. 
  • Workflow search has been improved allowing you to find tasks older than a specified date

Easier Administration and Manageabillity

  • You can now get Index Details and Cluster Statistics by highlighting over the Cluster Health Bar under CMS Maintenance
  • It is now possible to get a list of users currently logged in from the CMS Maintenance tool
  • It is now possible to get a Thread Dump from the CMS Maintenance tool
  • MySQL no longer requires lowercase table names be set nor bin_logging to be off

Content Improvements 

  • Via a REST URL you can now retrieve and search for content. Results can be XML or JSON.
  • dotCMS now ships with a 508/WCAG Accessibility Checker. This functionality is built directly into the WYSIWYG editor. Look for the green check mark icon in the WYSIWYG editor.
  • Binary Content - Will now attempt to use Hard Links for file storage.

Remote Widgets

  • dotCMS Widgets can be delivered into remote systems using a restful API, as either code snippets or as full blown applications

Integrated Help System

  • dotCMS has started a Help System built into the backend
  • Users will be able to get documentation help on areas of dotCMS linked directly from the dotCMS backend

Overview of Fixes/Improvements

  • The Spring code had issues trying to POST. Prior to 2.1 it was possible to get a 301 when POSTING
  • The Autoupdater no longer removes executable permissions from startup files
  • Files can now be used as URL Map Content
  • There have been a number of Workflow fixes
  • Some IE9 tweaks and fixes
  • Many Improvements made on Binary Content - to both performance and stability

Things to Know

  • 2.x is a MANUAL upgrade from the 1.9 series; the 1.9 Auto Updater cannot be used to perform the upgrade.  Users already running 2.0 can use the autoupdater normally.
  • As mentioned above, if you run the .dot extension for your html pages, MAKE SURE to deploy the plugin to revert the 2.1 file extension to .dot so your front end pages work.
  • There was a bug causing ALL fields in 1.9/2.0 to be indexed, regardless of how they were set in the structure manager. This has been addressed.  Remember that fields being used in either a Query or as an Order in a Query need to be set to "indexed" in the structure manager.  If this is not done, you will see an error in the logs and no content will display.
  • The new Javadoc is located at
  • To see a full list of issues worked, please on visit our issues on GitHub

Released: May 22, 2012

Overview of Changes

  • Addresses 2 security concerns with being able to shell in dotCMS via XSLT and from Velocity