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dotCMS Community Edition

dotCMS Enterprise Editions

Community Standard Professional Prime

Free Open Source (GPL 3.0)

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Term Perpetual Annual Annual or Perpetual
Responsive Design Support
Simple Workflow
Less & Sass Compiler New
Real Time Personalization
SEO URLs & Tools
Multi-content Containers New
Multilingual (i18n/UTF-8)
Mobile Ready
Template Designer WYSIWYG
Mobile Device Preview
Multi-site Hosting
Auto Updater
Plugin Architecture
On-Disk Caching
Scripting Support
(php, jsp, groovy, ruby)
Spring Support
OSGI Support
Time Machine / Static Snapshot  
Custom Workflows  
Automatic Link Checker  
Site Search  
Content Gelocation New  
Metadata/Full-Text Searching  
Copy Host  
Host Dashboard  
Page and Block Caching  
Active Directory & LDAP Support
User Activity Stream  
Integrated Form Builder  
XML Sitemap New  
Online Image Editor  
Inline Editing  
Red Lining (What's Changed)  
High Availability/Clustering    
Cluster Auto-scale & Auto-wiring New    
Push / Remote Publishing New    
Plugable Authentication  
CMIS Server  
Salesforce Authentication New    

Application Servers



MS SQL    

Services & Support

Community Support
Setup Support*  
Customer Portal  
Support Packages Available Available Available
Training   Available Available Available
Professional Services   Available Available Available
Managed Hosting   Available Available Available
Cloud / SaaS   Available Available Available
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* Setup support is limited to 3 hours and is intended to be used during the the first 3 months of licensing for initial setup and installation only.
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